A corporate writer with media experience

Barrett Comms business writer

My background means Barrett Comms' communications and content is grounded in quality journalism and writing.I write for the audience. It could be the public, other businesses or stakeholders.When you have a communications challenge or complex problem, I will bring my years of experience and know-how to find a solution.Together we will find your audience and create the right material to appeal to them. This is the basis of growing your authority and your brand.

Barrett Comms' values

I believe in fairness, honesty and quality. I am a professional and will always get the job done on time and to budget. I have a small team of collaborators who are also highly ethical and honest, and together we craft what we believe to be the best strategy or content for your needs.I’m a member of the Media, Entertainment and Artists’ Alliance and support Women in Media Queensland.

How I will write the content you need

Project scoping and proposal

If you have seen my previous client testimonials and want me to be your business writer, we should talk!Contact me through the online form and we can set up a time to go through your project at a high level. This includes your goals, marketing collateral and your timeline.I will provide an indicative quote and if you’re happy with it, we can start. If it is a big project, I will finalise the quote after the detailed brief.

Detailed briefing

We can jump on a call and determine the scope and outline for your project.You will send me your brief, or we can create one together.A content briefing involves setting down the key information and how you want it delivered.This includes any background, key facts, the communication challenge and opportunity, target audiences, inclusions or exclusions and a call to action.It also includes what type of language you want to use.Getting the information in a clear and concise format makes it easy for you to determine what you want – and what you don’t want – in the content piece.This process saves time and money.I will confirm this information with you.

Content drafting

Once we both know what you want, I will get to work.I base myself in my home office, surrounded by plants and children’s drawings, and will deliver your content to the agreed timelines.I work in Microsoft Word or Google docs if you prefer.

Your feedback

This is your chance to see the article and make any changes.This is the time to flag any queries and check for consistency with your subject matter experts.I will then make the changes if required.

The professional corporate communications are yours

Once I receive final approval, or after seven days if I don’t hear from you, I will consider this acceptance.When the invoice is paid you will be granted full copyright over the written material.

How much does professional copywriting cost?

How many words are in an article or a book? The pricing all depends on the project. My minimum fee is $250 for small one-off jobs.As per industry standard, I will send an invoice with a 50 per cent upfront payment. The remainder is to be paid after receipt of the copy.Fees are structured per proposal and vary due to their complexity and size. I offer a mix of hourly rates, fixed-price fees and fixed monthly retainers for ongoing content requirements.

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