How to write a media release

The inverted pyramid

When you want your message out clearly and simply, a media release is the traditional way to go.

Media releases generally follow the “inverted pyramid” style. This puts the information regarding who, what, when, why, where, and how at the very start of the story. This means in the first sentence of the media release. Additional details and quotes follow later.

What is the new element and why should people be interested? Start with this. Don’t start with background information or details about how your company was formed, that can come later if it is relevant.

Media releases are best when they are crisp, clean and to-the-point. Aim for one page, although if it is a complex topic area such as a research issue or financial data, an additional summary at the end of the media release for understanding can be useful.

Include quotes for the key spokesperson and make them pithy and succinct. Ensure your quote punctuation is correct. For example: “Quotes go in the inverted commas, then a comma, then the close quotes,” he/she said.

Offer a package

Images are critical, and having useful and relevant case study information is often the make or break for securing comprehensive media coverage. By way of example, if your release is about apartment sales in a certain area, the ideal scenario would be to have someone ready to talk about their experience of buying or selling as an anecdote. Then the business or industry group can provide expert information for the research and detail of the story.

Next, have all your ducks in a row before you send out the information. When journalists receive your release they will expect a representative to be available to answer any questions or clarify points immediately. Key spokespeople must also be ready.

And at the end, once all the detail and appropriate background is on the page, that’s it. Don’t think the piece has to be long and include all the information about the topic. It just has to be the “new” and the “overview”.

Ensure you include contact details for the best media representative.


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