‘When the world ends’: a recent story for ABC’s Australian Story

How do you get through the days when your children are suddenly gone? This feature, for ABC’s…

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Brisbane’s movers and shakers for The Australian

Eleven people leading Brisbane’s charge…

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How to write a media release

How to write a media release The inverted pyramid When you want your message out clearly and…

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How news organisations operate

How news organisations work News and media outlets are relentless. Journalists are always on the…

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Social media

Applications for the Getty Scholar programs. LA residencies available for 6-month research projects #journalism #news #communication https://t.co/kj0USaom00

When we do good we feel good. Join us for Altruistic August and help spread a bit more kindness in the world 🙏☀️🌎

https://t.co/9GXWDRE7ia #AltruisticAugust

This is a great overview of last week's ACCC report into #digital #media and #journalism. "In the last quarter alone, advertising in its properties (Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Play Store, and Shopping) generated US $27.3 billion in revenue" https://t.co/p5ODjdWv4E

This looks pretty awesome: The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting seeks general and education interns throughout the year #journalism #news #communication https://t.co/vQPobRxPqQ

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