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Content, articles and blogs

I use the same credible, research-based writing techniques that I did as a journalist for The Australian and South China Morning Post.Content is strongest with a story and a message. It helps to connect with your audience, to engage and inform.Let me ghost-write or write your articles and content to inform and engage. Content marketing writing services include:* long-form articles* thought leadership articles* blog posts* case studies* briefings* white papers* newsletters

Case studies

Case studies are a great way to showcase your services and attract more attention to your business.Effective case study writing can highlight real-life examples of how you overcame challenges for a client or patient to offer solutions. It features your organisation as a leader.Journalism-based case studies offer a personal angle on broad topics, for example the human impact of a move to a new home, or the health benefits of a change in medication. This can be more compelling on a personal level that pure facts and figures. Case study writing:* determine your ideal outcome for the content* identity the angle* interview the subject and subject matter experts* tell a story* integrate research and evidence

Digital and print newsletters and EDMs

Newsletters and email marketing can reinforce your message to your existing audience.Highlight your wins and explain the background of issues your business or organisation may have been through.This all helps to connect and engage with your audience and drive positive change. Content includes:* digital content* explainers* bios* newsletter copy* EDMs

Let's work together to engage and inform. Find out more about how I work and the processes I follow on my about page.

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