Let a journalist help you with the media

Freelance journalism

Do you need high-quality journalism delivered in a professional way?Someone who knows how newsrooms and editors think and how the media processes operate on a daily basis? I've been a journalist for more than 15 years in Australia and Hong Kong. Over that time I've covered natural disasters, Australian elections, arts in Hong Kong, property swings and the fluctuations of the ASX. Freelance journalist services include:* short-term media contracts* feature articles* opinion pieces* creating newsworthy content* writing reports* ghostwriting articles* ghostwriting opinion pieces

Media liaison

When you know you have a story to tell but don't know how, I can help.Media outreach can boost your profile and authority with your stakeholders, customers and the public. Effective media relations can build your organisation to become a go-to expert for future comment in a field, making you an authority. Media services include:* media releases* media mapping* media strategy* organising media interviews* writing opinion pieces* creating newsworthy content

Let's work together to engage and inform. Find out more about how I work and the processes I follow on my about page.

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