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Writing for health and medical companies

Health and science writer Rosanne Barrett works with your marketing team and subject matter experts to create clear and effective content to demonstrate your expertise.Cutting through technical terms, I'll communicate your key messages in a way that is accessible and understandable to the general public.Clear communication underpins advocacy and change. Services include:*case studies*content and content strategy*website copywriting*media services*online writing*awards submissions*corporate brochures*bios

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Communications for science-based organisations

When you're looking for a science writer, you want someone who understands the concepts so they can explain it to a wider audience.With a background in science and ongoing interest in STEM, I will work with your team to clarify and simplify the technical elements of your work.Then we'll communicate your specialist knowledge to your audience, in a way that is meaningful to them. Content includes:* community newsletters* media content* website copywriting* case studies* submissions* awards submissions*corporate marketing collateral

Marketing collateral for pharmaceutical businesses

Barrett Comms will work with your marketing and subject matter expert teams to explain your unique position in the market.Together we will bring out the best of your product or brand to communicate it to your audience.Through jargon-free content-marketing, media or marketing collateral we can engage and inform the wider public. Content includes:* media releases* digital content* one-pagers* explainers* bios* corporate brochures

Let's work together to engage and inform. Find out more about how I work and the processes I follow on my about page.

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