Eleven people leading Brisbane’s charge


This year I wrote a series of articles on key figures in Brisbane leading the city in its “new world” transformation.

It was great fun to be involved.

There is a lot happening across the city, from the new developments of Howard Smith Wharves and Queen’s Wharf, to fresh energy within our cultural and educational institutions.

But, really, it comes down to the people and our spectacular weather.

As the creative director of the Queensland Ballet and “Mao’s Last Dancer”, Li Cunxin, put it: “Without a doubt, Brisbane is its people”. “Brisbane people are so welcoming, so friendly, so industrious and entrepreneurial, so creative. Brisbane really feels alive at the moment in everything from its food and dining scene to the latest designer hotels on the scene.”

And the final word goes to Infrastructure Australia chair Julieanne Alroe. “Brisbane is so much better experienced than explained,” Alroe says.

“Brisbane to me, when comes down to it, we just have the best lifestyle. People are friendly. The weather is fantastic. The city and the regions are still accessible but we’ve still got that good mix of growth and lifestyle.”