It’s just an op-ed or a story

When I made the move from a daily journalist into a communications role there were a few things I had to get my head around.

Content, thought leadership, collateral, EDMs: all these terms were foreign to a newspaper reporter whose job it was to eliminate corporate speak and communicate in plain English.

Now those materials are my bread and butter. But not the jargon.

I still prefer to call them what they are: reports, blogs, stories and opinion pieces.

All these articles have a purpose. This is to engage and advocate, and ultimately, to build authority and credibility. Your message matters.

Thought leaders offer a fresh take on their area of expertise. They stay relevant by linking their knowledge to wider events. They speak up on the issues of the day. They are not afraid to offer an opinion.

This is how to become a spokesperson in your field. By contributing to the public knowledge through smart communications, you can become an expert. Once your name is out there and you become known for your insights, facts and commentary, you can become a go-to person for media.

This all helps to get your message out to the right audience at the right time.

So for thought leadership without the jargon, just stick to the basics. Know your topic, have a view and present it well. And please, no corporate speak!