Sometimes there is a story that just clicks with you

When I was researching for a story in The Weekend Australian’s Mansion magazine about the renowned artist Janet Laurence, she mentioned how lucky I was to live in Brisbane. This was because, from a public art perspective, we had one of the world’s best public art manufacturers operating from the city.

As a born and bred Brisbane resident who had worked in media for many years covering many different organisations, I was surprised I was unaware of the powerhouse that is UAP.

I was fortunate enough to go on a factory tour with Founder and Creative Director Daniel Tobin and learn more about the company and its incredible works for an article in The Australian’s The Deal magazine.

Co-founder and Managing Director Matthew Tobin told me through advanced manufacturing and robotics, they have been able to increase their efficiency and return production to Australia from China.

“Ten years ago we thought our workshop in Australia would be a prototype workshop and everything would be made in China,” he said. “A decade on, we know that is entirely inaccurate and our manufacturing will be made locally. To be viable and competitive as a manufacturer, especially as a custom manufacturer, it’s going to be cheaper to do it locally.”

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Thank you to UAP and The Australian for allowing me to learn more about this great business.