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 I’m Rosanne Barrett: journalist, content writer, SEO copywriter and strategic communicator. For almost two decades I was a reporter for The Australian, the ABC and other media.

Since then I’ve worked with big companies, government agencies and businesses on the up. This means I have the know-how to help you, too.

I’m a Brisbane-based content writer and copywriter, but my outlook is national and global.

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“Rosanne is one of our first-choice external contributors for The Australian‘s commercial content work. It is hard to overstate my appreciation for all the work she has done.”

Steve Waterson

Commercial Editor, The Australian

It was a great collaboration that made the delegation a great showcase of the growing trade links between India and Australia.”

Abhay Mehta

Australian Representative, Confederation of Indian Industry

“I can highly recommend Rosanne for her professionalism, expertise, deep understanding of the audience and business need, and ability to deliver on deadline and in budget. She is a superstar.”

Kathy Packenas

GM Marketing, Communications & Engagement, Asthma Australia

“Rosanne is an extremely talented, reliable and creative communications professional.”

Shane Rodgers

Queensland Head, Australian Industry Group

Professional, proficient and trustworthy.”

David Robertson

Public Affairs Manager, Earlytrade

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Crisis communication strategy: Be prepared

Having the right communication channels, contacts and templates ready to go is vital. When local governments faced the challenges of 2020 - pandemic, bushfires, floods - many were prepared. This has massive impacts for the public, who can stay well informed. It also...

Case study writing: How your clients’ success can also help you highlight your work

Case study writing is an excellent way to showcase your impact and highlight the success of your clients. Not only do case studies outline what you do and how you do it, they also highlight the impact the services or product has had for the consumer. Effective case...

How to write a feature article

Writing a long-form story that people will read and Google will find   When writing a compelling feature article you need to consider structure, sources and stories. In addition to explaining the who, what, when, why, where and how of the classic news story, a...

Health content ideas: Unlocking the power of searches in Doctor Google

How search listening and keyword research can help you to target your health content and communications   Doctor Google is real. People seek information from search engines about everything that is going on in their lives, including their health symptoms. Google...

Property content writing: How to find the best sources

Find the best information to inform your real estate content writing   There is always something to write about as a property industry content writer. Prices go up, yields go down, trends come and go. There are so many elements to consider, from the type of...

How to write a press release that gets picked up: Five easy steps

Your complete guide to preparing and writing a press release You’ve got an announcement and you’re ready to tell the world. A media release with a targeted pitch to specific and relevant outlets is a great way to get your message out to a wider audience. But before...

AHPRA-compliant health and medical writing: Five things you can’t say in your content marketing if you’re a health professional

Health writing is important. With the right communication, told in an engaging way, you can inform the public and explain complex conditions simply. You can increase the public’s understanding of medical terms and raise people’s overall health literacy. And that is...

Crisis communications: Lessons learned from COVID-19 outbreaks in aged care in Victoria

Effective communication proved critical during the COVID-19 crisis in aged care last year.  Providers juggled many competing priorities. Infection control, staffing and healthcare challenges were paramount. But aged care services also found that communication was...

New publications in Australian media

Australian media is vibrant and diverse. We have the dominant players at a national level - the ABC, News, Nine and Seven - but at a local level there is a richness to our media. Despite the significant loss of media outlets that has snowballed this year, there were a...

How to get your website to show up on Google?

You’ve put so much work into it! The website is finally live and now you just need people to find it. You’ve connected your Google analytics account but the numbers are small, or all coming from Russia. You have a quality message that would be of value to people, so...

Customer journey mapping for websites

When you understand the user journey through your website, you will start to see the gaps and opportunities. People may visit for a specific piece of information but then be guided through another path, or even come to a dead end. Understanding this journey is...

Trucking industry content writing: A special report for The Australian

As they say, without trucks Australia stops. When Australians faced the lockdown restrictions for COVID-19, we witnessed the importance of having an effective and efficient supply chain and logistics industry. At the peak of the "toilet paper panic" shoppers were...

Journalists in Queensland

Celebrating journalists in Queensland I love being a professional journalist and writer. Not only is the work interesting and diverse, the people are the best. So when I was asked to be one of the judges for Queensland's Clarions journalism awards, I jumped at the...

Blog writing for Asthma Australia’s winter campaign

Blog writing for Asthma Australia's winter campaign For the one in 10 Australians with asthma, winter can be a difficult time. And in the time of COVID-19, it is extra challenging. Asthma Australia launched a proactive content campaign. I wrote blogs about asthma, its...

Writing hero stories in health

Hero stories for health   Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service cares for the sickest and most seriously injured young people across the state. It's easy to write their health hero stories. There is no shortage of them within the statewide...

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